Avoiding Electrical Accidents in the Workplace


Avoiding Electrical Accidents in the Workplace

Our lives revolve around electricity, whether we like to admit it or not. This means that it can easily be taken for granted as it is such a regularity in our modern world. It is extremely important to take care when handling electrical equipment and appliances, no matter how simple. Following these simple tips can prevent a potentially fatal accident in your workplace.

Stop Pulling at your Cords:
Sometimes, we can become careless in the way that we unplug our devices. Tugging at them from a distance is just an accident waiting to happen. This can damage the cord and lead to electric shock or even fire. Grip the plug and pull it out of the outlet, never by the cord.

Exposed Wires:
If you notice an exposed wire on a cord, call an electrician to safely seal it with electrical tape. It’s also important for all cords to be visible in the workplace, as things like this can go unnoticed and lead to an electrical accident if not attended to. If computer cords are tucked behind a desk, try finding an alternate solution in storing them. If you can’t do that, set a monthly reminder in your calendar to check all electrical cords. 10 minutes a month can ultimately prevent damage to your machines or your staff.

Keep Wires Away from Heat & Water:
The kitchens and bathrooms can be the biggest culprits for electrical accidents relating to heat and moisture. Avoid storing your kitchen appliances in cabinets above or near stoves, toasters and sinks and use your appliances with dry hands. When cleaning around computers, try to remember to spray your cleaning solution on your cloth first, rather than the desk. You don’t want a stray spray to get into your machine and cause damage!

Don’t Ignore Warning Signs:
Always report any potential electrical hazards like sparks when unplugging from an outlet, unusual noises or devices becoming hot. These should be dealt with immediately by a professional and not be used until a solution has been found.

Regular Maintenance:
Having a licenced electrician inspect all of the electrical fittings and fixtures in your workplace can help to detect any faults that may have gone unnoticed. Detecting hazards early will prevent any further risk of an electrical accident. At a minimum you should have this scheduled once a year. This will also help in the instances of insurance claims if a fixture or fitting causes damage to your workplace or staff.