Choosing the Right Lighting Temperature


Choosing the Right Lighting Temperature

Lighting is a key element in creating the space thats right for you and the people around you. Find out which lighting temperature will best suit your home or work space, here.

Warm White:commercial-electrician-sunshine-coast
This is a soft light with a yellowish hue that generates an inviting and relaxing atmosphere. You may see this often used in bedrooms and living spaces as well as hotel lobbies and restaurants. As this is the gentlest light, it is great for creating a comfortable space for businesses and homes. Warmer colours like red and orange cause drowsiness and can actually trigger melatonin that prepares you for sleep, creating that ‘homey’ feel.

Cool White:
Cool white lighting is best suited to areas that you want looking neat and clean. Use cool lighting in executive offices, reception areas, bathrooms and showrooms as it is still friendly and professional without looking too harsh. It’s also great for illuminating products on shelving, bringing them to the customer’s attention. Cool light has the opposite effect of warm light – it suppresses melatonin and increases serotonin, which is great for boosting your mood.

Daylight has more of a bluish hue to it that creates and very bright, clean and crisp look to a room. Industrial, commercial and institutional areas like hospitals most commonly use it as it closely resembles the light from a clear blue sky at noon so that the staff can feel more alert and energetic as well as showing true colour. Along with cool light, daylight is great for increasing productivity. However, this may be a little harsh for your space. Test out different lighting hues to find out which ones will benefit you, your home and your business.