Overloading Power Boards in the Office


Overloading Power Boards in the Office

With busy schedules and fast approaching deadlines, we can find ourselves not thinking of the little things that can cause big problems in the office – like overloading power boards.

Many offices are not built to handle the amount of cords and wires that require an outlet, which is when we resort to using a power board. This may sound like a simple solution, however this can be extremely dangerous.

Overloading a power board can not only damage the devices and appliances that are plugged into it, but they can also cause electrical shock or spark a fire. Understanding how to safely use (or not use) power boards can protect you and your co-workers.

Read on to find out how you can minimise your risk in the workplace.

Purchase Power Boards with Overload Protection and Circuit Breakers:
If you do choose to use a power board, look for ones with overload protections as this will prevent it from overheating. A circuit breaker will interrupt the electrical current to the power board when an overload occurs to prevent safety hazards such as electrical fires.

Don’t Overload the Power Board by ‘Piggy Backing’:
Never use a double adaptor on a power board. Power boards have a maximum current rate and if that is exceeded, that can cause an overload.

Use Power Boards as a Temporary Solution:
It is always best to use a permanent power outlet to power your devices. However, if needed, you should only use power boards as a temporary fix to keep all risks to a minimum.

Look Towards Hiring an Electrician to Increase the Number of Power Points in your Office:
If you find that you are relying on power boards too often, it might be time to call a sparky. Although this may be costly, this can significantly decrease the risks of a power board overload.

If you’re office looks like it has more power boards than power points, it might be time for an electrical overhaul. Contact us today to find out how we can improve the safety of your office.