Pest Related Electrical Damage


Pest Related Electrical Damage

Pests always seem to figure out how to run amok in our home and workplace, one way or another. Don’t risk damage to your electrical equipment and appliances by ignoring the signs of a rodent problem. Eliminate the hassles and dangers by following these simple steps.

Look for the Signs:
The nocturnal nature of mice and rats can come as a disadvantage to a business owner as majority of the damage can be done when your office is unoccupied. Due to this, the sound of scurrying and gnawing rodents in the walls and roof can easily go undetected. Look for other signs like droppings, nesting materials or gnawed holes in the walls, most commonly found in dark, enclosed areas.

Inspect Your Wires Regularly:
It is imperative that the wires around in your office are checked regularly to detect any pest related damage earlier rather than later. Rodents will not hesitate to gnaw at your cords and wires, removing the insulation or coating that protects them. This significantly increases the risk of electrical faults or fires. Not only that, but your computers can crash due to the deterioration of the wires, leading to a possible loss of data.

Prevention is Key:
If you are noticing any signs of an infestation, take the time to track down where they are entering from so that they can be sealed. Rodents can easily squeeze through a hole or large crack. Place bait or traps along your walls. Keep food stored away securely and keep all surfaces free of any food scraps as these pests have a keen sense of smell.

Hire Pest Control:
If you suspect that you may be dealing with a rat or mice infestation, have a professional check for any damages. They will be able to identify any issues and provide helpful solutions in ridding of any current and future pests that may compromise the safety of your workplace.